choice - executive and business coaching

Making the most of your capacities, discovering talents, developing potential, improving leadership qualities, handling crises, becoming a team, working hand in hand, making your next career move, reconciling family and professional life - choice is with you every step of the way, offering advice and support as your personal adviser or as a coach for your department or company.

choice’s range of services is first and foremost intended for management staff and companies. Calling on the support of choice coaching means that both personal and professional goals as well as corporate objectives can be achieved more quickly, more easily and more confidently.

For example, choice coaching can provide support in achieving the following goals:

  • changing management style
  • improving persuasiveness and assertiveness
  • preparing the next career move or a new orientation
  • implementing a change of culture within a company
  • handling setbacks and disappointments
  • enhancing personal performance
  • improving cooperation within a team
  • resolving conflicts
  • developing a vision and innovation potential
  • implementing new strategies
  • designing effective change processes