Career Transition Coaching and Outplacement

During a career, linear advancement is not always possible. Breaks, sometimes involuntary, are increasingly common. choice helps you to make the best of what has become a necessary reorientation. In the end, the change will lead to a better status quo and a new, satisfactory balance.

Career transition coaching is designed to accompany the client in their next career step. This offers considerable advantages for both the client and the employer on the corporate side. choice helps to generate a new, sustainable situation more quickly, easily and certainly, shaping the process as harmoniously and with as little burden as possible. This strengthens a company’s responsibility for its employees while exercising a positive influence on the culture and effect for the remaining team and optimising the opportunities for the person who has adopted a new orientation, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the employer and promoting the development of the employees.

Focal points of career transition coaching and outplacement

  • Processing and accepting (involuntary) reorientation and increasing self-confidence
  • Setting new goals for the next career move while preparing and implementing it step by step
  • Conducting potential analyses and developing your self-image and public image
  • Making successful use of networks
  • Developing job markets
  • Optimising application documents and a winning, convincing appearance (practising job interviews and contract negotiations)
  • Accompanying those concerned during their trial period in their new job