«The Urban Gurus Circle» 

«The Urban Gurus Circle» consists of a selected number of CEOs and C-level executives who value the significance of having identified their true purpose in life, following their values and convictions and igniting others to do the same via the way they live, think and act. 


Even more important, this is where, among other things, the value of the circle kicks in by knowing aligned and trusted sparring partners, being able to exchange with, share and live according to the values and aspirations you have embraced. Once you have found your guiding principles, convictions and values, you will find coherence between your life’s story, purpose and leadership. You will become the leader you always wanted to be: inspiring, motivating, and kindling the flame in others to be become true leaders and enjoy a purposeful life with full authenticity. You will, thereby, create significant change in your environment and the world and leave a lasting legacy and positive imprint.

What Makes an «Urban Guru»?

Urban Gurus
Act as role models and «teachers». Their success is the product of self-determined living, ongoing learning and multifaceted experiences – also setbacks.

is the essence of our experiences and what we learn from them, which is more than we think. Urban Gurus are highly conscientious in how they use their power to shape the world around them, to help others grow and to create a worthy legacy. Our personality is shaped by the way we live, the experiences we have, the habits we form and the people we meet along the way.

which becomes essential when we have power and influence. Character is the result of what we follow and highlight, our wisdom, and what we distill from our growth and learning.

Clarity and Vision
No matter what stage of life we are in or aspect of it we currently address, the most important thing is to have personal clarity, intent and vision. We can become the leaders we always wanted to be: impactful, inspiring, motivating and kindling the flame in others to be become true leaders as well and living their life’s purpose with full authenticity and creating significant change in your environment and the world.

Only by consequently following our vision and intent can we create. By applying those principles we live our daily lives by, we create the changes we aspire to and bring theory and desire into reality. By acting according to our highest consciousness, we display tangible results and observable behaviors, which are the basis for being a role model.

Initial Position
Your spot in the limelight provides the opportunity to define and live towards a legacy that will influence many people and career paths, depending on how you choose to engage with your environment. By understanding and sorting out the relevant, crucial topics in your own life will give you the ability and the tools to be more than just an executive: You become a teacher and a source of inspiration, strength and courage – an Urban Guru.