Assessments and 360° Feedback

Assessments and 360° feedback are individual or collective programmes that serve to determine the situation and potential of an individual or a team. The knowledge obtained from these processes is used to identify appropriate coaching measures or helpful development steps for the next stage of development.

  • Mirroring external perception and comparing external image with self-image
  • Comparison trains own perception and promotes openness to feedback
  • Improves the ability to recognize and balance one's own strengths and areas of development as well as their consequences.

Your benefits from Assessments-Coaching

  • Creating a self-image
  • Using tests and profiles to compare with a target group
  • Structured interviews, discussions, role plays and special tasks
  • Collecting third-party opinions by means of questionnaires, interviews or surveys
  • Comparing your own opinion with the tests results and external perceptions
  • Determining strength and potential profiles
  • Detecting development possibilities and favourable changes


  • Symbolon AG: The «Symbolon profile intensive» facilitates an integrated potential analysis with a view to personal development, making it possible to adopt different perspectives and to reconcile your own personality with the factors of success in the work environment (
  • CAPP (Computer Assessment of Personal Potential): Assessment system comprising 22 individual tests designed to diagnose the values, behaviour, preferences and capacities of the test subjects, thereby providing the foundations for development and placement.

  • MAP-AG: Culture assessment which demonstrates the status quo of a culture and enables companies to orient its management staff towards a new strategy quickly and coherently (
  • Mentor: An assessment tool from the RBL Group which evaluates leadership skills and potential.

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