Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Team Building

A team achieves more than an individual - if it is well managed and the team members work together in harmony. Our programmes support teams in achieving common goals, creating a positive culture of debate and developing the team’s personality.

What sounds simple in theory, requires systematic work in practice. In the team building programmes, we therefore use instruments which convey direct experiences of how a team works well together, what drives a team’s performance and what serves to simplify cooperation.

Focal points of team building

  • Developing the team’s personality: reflecting the common values, strengths and typical behavioural patterns
  • Facilitating team experiences: strengthening harmony within the team through shared experience; using team techniques to promote good relationships among the team members
  • Target-setting techniques: setting common goals and transforming them into visible achievements and success
  • Developing potential: defining values and strengths, introducing changes
  • Learning from artists: establishing and practising the basic principles, game rules and behaviour. Choice has developed a series of unique workshops based on creative techniques in collaboration with the Collegium Novum Zurich, a group of top-class soloists and the artist Sigrid Braun-Umbach.

Conflict Resolution

Addressing conflicts openly without damaging relationships, admitting to mistakes without calling yourself into question - these are the core competences in the field of conflict management. Identifying solutions for the way forward together which benefit all those involved.

A constructive, respectful culture of debate and errors is essential to good management and efficient teams. Choice coaching employs the following elements to ensure successful conflict resolution:

Focal points of conflict resolution

  • Negotiation technique taking the different priorities into account
  • Non-violent and respectful communication
  • Giving and collecting feedback
  • The 5-step path from trouble to a creative solution
  • Playing the troubleshooter: mediation