Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Team Building

A team achieves more than an individual - if it is well managed and the team members work together in harmony. Our programmes support teams in achieving common goals, creating a positive culture of debate and developing the team’s personality.

  • working systematically in practice
  • Use of tools that provide direct experience of how a team works well, what enhances team performance and what facilitates collaboration.

Your advantages from team building

  • Developing the team’s personality: reflecting the common values, strengths and typical behavioural patterns
  • Facilitating team experiences: strengthening harmony within the team through shared experience; using team techniques to promote good relationships among the team members
  • Target-setting techniques: setting common goals and transforming them into visible achievements and success
  • Developing potential: defining values and strengths, introducing changes
  • Learning from artists: establishing and practising the basic principles, game rules and behaviour. Choice has developed a series of unique workshops based on creative techniques in collaboration with the Collegium Novum Zurich, a group of top-class soloists and the artist Sigrid Braun-Umbach.

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Conflict Resolution

Addressing conflicts openly without damaging relationships, admitting to mistakes without calling yourself into question - these are the core competences in the field of conflict management. Identifying solutions for the way forward together which benefit all those involved.

  • Constructive, respectful dispute and error culture as a prerequisite for good leadership and high-performing teams.
  • Use of the following elements for successful conflict resolution in choice coaching:

Your advantages from conflict resolution

  • Negotiation technique taking the different priorities into account
  • Non-violent and respectful communication
  • Giving and collecting feedback
  • The 5-step path from trouble to a creative solution
  • Playing the troubleshooter: mediation

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