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Diversity als Wettbewerbsvorteil

Deutsche Bank-Studie liefert neue Auswahlkriterien für Kundenberater in der Vermögensverwaltung.

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Further education pays off – double-digit return in times of crisis

A survey of executives finds their salaries increased by 12.6% after they spent 10.000 Euro on executive training. But salary increase is no automatism.

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Leadership is an art: What managers can learn from musicians

Give them a hand: Learning leadership with a music ensemble. Collegium Novum Zurich and choice develop new workshop for leadership training and team building.

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Shortcut to overcoming crisis: Schubert’s Winter Journey as a roadmap to come out of a personal crisis stronger than before

In her new book, based on the Winter Journey by romantic composer Schubert, Christina Kuenzle develops a model of how to cope with loss and failure. The tutorial in 2 times 12 steps is meant to help executives to come out of a crisis stronger than before. It was presented on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of choice executive coaching.

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