Leadership and Change Coaching

As executive coaches, we focus on the different aspects of self-management, team leadership, organisational management and leadership capacities in shaping and managing change. Methods and techniques are deployed so that you can process your specific topics and thus consolidate, develop and optimise your management potential.

Successful management relies on the right blend of personality, effective self-management, the relevant competences, emotional intelligence, management and leadership techniques and a clear presentation of the goals. The coaching programmes provided by choice systematically develop and strengthen these capacities.

Focal points of leadership and change coaching

  • Challenging and encouraging: management through goals and development
  • Managing by exerting an effective influence, even without formal authority
  • Developing skilled staff as managers and designers
  • Creating values together: communication and team building
  • Transforming vision and values into action and results
  • Self-management: ensuring purpose and fulfilment both at work and in your private life