The choice methods

The coaching provided by choice has no ready-made solutions. The consulting content and steps are established together. Cooperation with the client is based on trust and the willingness to be open to change and support from outside. The aim is to achieve visible progress and results, from strong private relationships through recognised management qualities to an improved work atmosphere.

Focal points of choice coaching

  • Constant accompaniment and support in the implementation process. This strengthens motivation and commitment. It encourages critical reflection. It promotes concentration on the chosen path and consistent focus on the targets set. The choice coach provides constant feedback while enhancing your awareness of your own actions and capacities.
  • Development of courses of action. Following the situation analysis, courses of action are developed and played through together. Goals are then set and the means by which these goals can be achieved are defined. Given conditions and possibilities are also evaluated. 
  • Development of appropriate, realistic goals. choice coaching focuses on sustainability and ensures that neither goals nor measures are harmful to yourself or your environment.
  • choice coaching is flexible. It can take the form of a meeting, e.g. a clarifying meeting before changing jobs, a stocktaking exercise consisting of five meetings, a group workshop lasting several days (e.g. to improve team work) or regular meetings over a period ranging from 3 to 12 months, e.g. for the systematic improvement of management skills. Personal or group discussions will be complemented by means of telephone calls and e-mail contact in between the individual meetings.

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