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When fate strikes hard - Finding your way out of traumatic conditions

Traumas often leave deep scars in life, set a new course or seem insurmountable. At the same time, there are many ways to overcome trauma. This way out of trauma is a developmental process that we have to tackle ourselves - ideally with competent support.

I have devoted my current column in Ladies Drive magazine to such ways out of moments of fate. I have compiled tips, but also looked for reasons for lack of success.

Read on in the article: When fate hits really hard! And how we find our way out of traumatic states again (de)

How can women get more pay if they want it?

Wage differences between men and women. They still exist and not all of the difference can be explained in each case. This is shown by the annual study of the Confederation. And yesterday's 10vor10 report with a statement by me also shows the relevance of the topic: Wages: women negotiate less

Questions are piling up: Are other criteria more important to women than to men? Do they negotiate less effectively? Or do they dare less to demand a higher wage at all?

Read more about this and some useful negotiation tips in my article on the topic.

When good is good enough - A fine line between grandiosity and impostor syndrome

Sometimes gnawing self-doubt makes us feel inadequate and that we have only got to a certain place by luck. Courage-stealing voices in the back of our minds make us flinch or even muzzle us. But sometimes good is "good enough"!

My current column in Ladies Drive magazine is about precisely such considerations. I've come up with seven ingredients to put self-doubt into perspective. 

Read them here: And maybe it was just good! The fine line between grandiosity and impostor syndrome (de)

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