Priska Studer

Body Psychotherapist / Coach / Personality and Mental Trainer / Yoga Teacher

Before starting her psychotherapeutic career, Priska Studer worked for over 15 years as a graduate business economist in financial and project controlling as well as in change management in various management functions in international companies. She was also project and training manager for the implementation of software solutions in global companies.


After further training and continuing education in various therapeutic fields, she acquired personal and professional competences to coach people in resolving personal conflicts. Priska has a solid education in potential-oriented psychotherapy based on Fritz and Lore Perls’ gestalt therapy, the integrative body psychotherapy of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, Karlfried Count Dürckheim and Stanley Keleman, hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson and the humanistic self-actualization of Abraham Maslow. She is also a long-time student of the spiritual orientation of A.H. Almaas for the development of spiritual maturity. Futhermore, she holds a diploma as a yoga teacher, as a The Work coach by Byron Katie, as a QEMS Coach by Colin Tipping (quantum energy management system) and as a personality and mental trainer VSMPT.

Work method

Today, Priska works as a consultant, body psychotherapist and personality and mental trainer. Her focus lies in developing potential-oriented solutions for individuals, couples and groups. She applies methods derived from gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, solution-oriented short-term therapy, personality development and self-coaching methods.

Private life

Priska lives with her partner near Zurich and primarly works in the German-speaking area. She speaks English fluently and some French. Priska likes outdoor activities such as ski touring, hiking and mountain biking as well as travelling. She is also very interested in Indian philosophy, meditation, astrology and numerology.