Dr Marcel Bischoff

Associate Coach / Executive Coach / Body-Mind Specialist

Dr Marcel Bischoff is a personal coach in the fields of leadership, health and self-management. He specialises in body-mind methods. Neuroscience is now proving that mind and body are more closely linked than previously thought (“Embodied Cognition”). Marcel Bischoff uses this knowledge to activate stored memories and the intuition of the body to reflect upon it. This makes the coachee aware of what is really going on inside himself as a first step towards building true authenticity.


He has coached elite triathletes. As an exercise therapist in a clinic, he motivated patients to get up and start an intrinsic motivated exercise programme. He later worked for a consulting company in the field of health promotion as a corporate client’s advisor. He has been tasked with acquisition and conceptual design for financial firms, IT, technology and administration. He has also worked as a personal coach and trainer for management boards as well as senior and middle management. Mr Bischoff has experienced leadership in the Swiss army, in the field of high-performance sports and as a team leader of a private school and head master of a public school.

Work method

Mr Bischoff’s customers are leaders who are eager for a development approach that is personality oriented, i.e. managers, who want to be more authentic, serene and resilient while finding greater meaning in their work. To achieve this, it is not a question of “doing more of the same or better“ but of finding alternatives and optimism, generated in a creative atmosphere. It has much more to do with “letting-go“ instead of a “tough training“. These are demanding processes, especially for managers. Or as Kets de Vries aptly put it: „soft-skills are the toughest skills“.


Mr Bischoff holds a PhD in sports science. Furthermore, he ran a 3-year training course in “Coaching and organisational development“ (BSO) and holds a CAS in „Managing an educational organization“ (PHZH). He studied as an IPM-Trainer and a hypno-systemic counsellor while exploring the basics in logo-synthesis, theology, meditation, exercise therapy and focusing.


Mr Bischoff is member of the “Swiss Expert Network on Burnout“, the network of the “Privatklinik Hohenegg“, the “Institute of personality oriented management“ IPM and the professional organisation of “Coaching, supervision und organizational development“ BSO.

Private life

He lives with his family outside of Zurich, where he is occupied with adolescent children, the development of a “2nd sports career“ (tennis for over 50s) and harvesting potatoes in his own little garden. Together with daily body-mind-exercises, this keeps him grounded. He prefers working 1-to-1 as a personal coach and even more, if coaching conducted outdoors on the run or on the walk.